Green thumb. 

Growing up as a child I remember many a days strolling garden nurseries with my mum and then spending the weekends watching my dad and her pot up and plant new trees and flowers. I’m so grateful that I married a guy who also has the green thumb and gets excited about shopping for new plants and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty potting up. Over recent years we have been to many different nurseries hunting down particular plants so I thought I would jot down a few favourites for those who are in Perth, WA.

•The Gardeners Nursery 
(an old favourite)

899 Thomas road, Anketell WA 6167

•Wattleup Nursery (cactus, cactus, cactus!!)

24 Collins Road, Wattleup WA 6166

•Isabella’s Hydroponic Nursery and Garden Center.  (Snake plant heaven!)

66 Jambanis Rd, Wanneroo Perth W.A. 6065

Zanthorrea Nursery (natives and beautiful gifts)

155 Watsonia Road, Maida Vale WA 6057

Coast Road Palms (as pictured)

Lot 52, Bennett Springs Drive, Beechboro

Green thumb. 

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